San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study Newsletter 4, August 2009

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Pacific West Regional Office, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
SuDocs Number: I 29.2:SA 5/?
Other Information: Distributed August 2009. PDF is accurate surrogate. Large format: 43 x 28 cm. Additional issues:

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Data Mining Report [2008-pres]

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Office of the Director of National Intelligence
SuDocs Number: PREX 28.

Other Information: Series OCLC# 313811552. Available since 2008. Latest ed is 2012. Title on web page is given as “Federal Agency Data Mining Report” but the report itself gives it as “Data Mining Report”.

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Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion

Issuing Agency/Bureau: NOAA, NASA, and U.S. Environment Programme, World Meteorological Org.
SuDocs Number: C 55.2:SCI 2/2/
Item Number: 0250-E-02

Other Information: Series OCLC#45810362. 1991, 1994, & 1998 were distributed via GPO in MF. 2002 was distributed as EL. There are now 2006 & 2010 reports which are fugitives. On web page given are also previous titles of the series.

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The Revolution of Science through Scuba

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Smithsonian Institution
SuDocs Number: SI 1.41:39
Item Number: 0910-M-01
Series Title: Smithsonian Contributions to the Marine Sciences

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Brazil: Competitive Factors in Brazil Affecting U.S. and Brazilian Agricultural Sales in Selected Third Country Markets

Issuing Agency/Bureau:  US International Trade Commission

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Sessions of Congress

Issuing Agency/Bureau: United States Senate.
SuDocs Number: Y 1.3:
Item Number: 0998-A-01

Other Information: More complete and current than this list is helpful to catalogers and others seeking information on the sessions of Congress.


The Coralline Genus Clathromorphum Foslie emend. Adey: Biological, Physiological, and Ecological Factors Controlling Carbonate Production in an Arctic-Subarctic Climate Archive

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Smithsonian Institution
SuDocs Number: SI 1.41:40
Item Number: 0910-M-01
Series Title: Smithsonian Contributions to the Marine Sciences

Other Information: Not found in CGP 1/23/14.

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National Wild Fish Health Survey Database

Issuing Agency/Bureau: U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service

“The United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) National Wild Fish Health Survey Database (NWFHSDb) has been available to the public since September 2001. The database contains data on pathogen occurrence in free-ranging (wild) populations of fish. “

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Indonesia: A Country Study (6th ed. 2011)

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division
SuDocs Number: LC 1.60:IN 3/2011
Item Number: 0786-A-18
Format: online / paper
Available for sale from GPO Bookstore (S/N 030-000-00301-2 $32) since 7/9/13

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Report of the Dunlop II Committee to the National Mediation Board

Issuing Agency/Bureau: National Mediation Board
SuDocs Number: NMB 1.2:
Item Number: 0834
April 16, 2010,no OCLC record.