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Sent: Sun 8/2/2009 9:38 AM
To: Cornwall, Daniel D (EED)
Subject: LostDocs Submission Form


Thank you for your submission. Here is a copy of your submission for reporting fugitive documents.

Contact Information
Name:    Daniel Cornwall
Depository Library Number:       0016
Phone:   907-465-1315
E-mail:  dan.cornwall@alaska.gov

Fugitive Document Information
Publication Title:       General explanations of the administration\’s revenue proposals.
Format:  Nothing Selected
Other (please describe):         I tried several searches in the CGP without finding this title. Prior items in this series can be found at http://www.ustreas.gov/offices/tax-policy/miscdocs.shtml.
SuDoc Number:    T
Item Number:
Sub/Series Title:
URL:     http://www.ustreas.gov/offices/tax-policy/library/grnbk09.pdf
Surrogate Information:   No file was uploaded

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