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Best Practices Avoiding Failures of Implementation

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To: Sharon Partridge
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Contact Information
Name: Sharon Partridge
Depository Library Number: 0072A
Fugitive Document Information
Publication Title: best practices Avoiding Failures of Implementation: Lessons from Process Evaluations
Format: online
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SuDoc Number: J 32.2:
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Sub/Series Title:
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Donating Surplus Food to the Needy

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*Your Name:* Vicki Tate
*Depository Library #:* 0007B
*Your Library Name:* University of South Alabama Library
*Your Phone Number:*
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*Publication Title* Donating Surplus Food to the Needy [1996] (not in OCLC)
*Online* Online
*Paper* Paper
*Other* N/A
*If other, please describe:*
*SuDocs Classification Number:* EP 10.2:
*Item Number:* 0431-X
*Sub/Series Title:* EPA 530-F-96-038

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