fugitive? Batterer Intervention Systems in California

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Response (Wanda Richardson) - 08/26/2010 02:11 PM
Hello Ben,

Thank you for bringing this publication to our attention.   We have begun
the process of putting this version into the FDLP program.  Thank you for
using ask GPO and for your continued support of the Federal Depository
Library Program.  If you need additional assistance, please feel free to
contact us again.

Wanda Richardson
Contract Acquisitions Specialist
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U.S. Government Printing Office
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Washington, DC 20401

Customer (Ben Amata) - 08/06/2010 01:42 PM
a fugitive? see:

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Editor’s note: We are placing a temporary states of fugitive AND found because while GPO staff have indicated this item is going into the program, it has not yet turned up in the Catalog of Government Publications. This entry will be revised once we’re aware of a CGP record.

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