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fugitive: earmarks database

Discussion Thread
Response (Martin Bokow) - 10/07/2010 04:22 PM
Hello Ben Amata,

This is now cataloged on OCLC *150468580, which is system number 742347 in the CGP. Thank you.

Marty Bokow
Librarian, Bibliographic Control Section
Library Technical Information Services
Library Services and Content Management
U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, DC 20401

Response (Jennifer D) - 10/05/2010 03:19 PM
Hello Ben Amata,

This publication is being cataloged as an integrating resource. I have assigned it to a cataloger and as soon as the work is complete, he will
email you the system number/OCLC number etc.

Thank you for using askGPO and for your continued support of the Federal Depository Library Program.  If you need additional assistance, please
feel free to contact us again.  

Jennifer K. Davis
Manager, Bibliographic Control
Library Technical Information Services
United States Government Printing Office
732 North Capitol St NW
Washington, DC 20401  

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Customer (Ben Amata) - 09/02/2010 01:05 PM
while not a publication, the earmarks database is an important source of information.  please consider distributing a record for it.


Earmarks United States. Office of Management and Budget. 1990s-  English  Internet Resource  Computer File Continually Updated Resource [Washington, D.C.] :
Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Management and Budget,

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