It’s been a very quiet month here at the Lost Docs Blog, but not for lack of reports. A number of personal and professional circumstances have prevented me (Daniel Cornwall) from giving the Lost Docs blog the attention it deserves. But reinforcements have arrived.

On behalf of Free Government Information (FGI), I am pleased to announce that a three member team of volunteers is taking over the posting and management of the Lost Docs Blog at Your new maintainers are:

Meredith Johnston – Self described independent scholar with an MLIS and a MA. GODORT member since 2007.

Jeffrey Hartsell-Gundy – Government Information & Law Librarian of the Miami University Libraries. He blogs documents for the University at

John Cash – Catalog specialist at Wells Library, Indiana University with over 10 years worth of documents experience.

We at FGI are pleased that these three documents community members are stepping forward to continue the process of illuminating the fugitive document submissions to GPO. How the blog works will remain the same. Keep sending your fugitive documents receipts from GPO to

I am still in the process of training the new team in posting, tagging and reporting on new fugitive reports. Thanks in advance for your continuing patience during this transition time.