From:   FDLP Webmaster [] Sent:  Wed 12/16/2009 12:04 PM
To:   Cornwall, Daniel D (EED)
Subject:   LostDocs Submission Form

Thank you for your submission. Here is a copy of your submission for reporting fugitive documents.

Contact Information
Name: Daniel Cornwall
Depository Library Number: 0016

Fugitive Document Information
Publication Title: McCarthys Marsh Caribou Winter Range Transects: Vegetative Changes from 1997 to 2006
Format: online, paper
Other (please describe): AK BLM Open File Report 120. Kyle Joly and Randi R. Jandt. Bureau of Land Management, Anchorage, Alaska. April 2008. 13 pages. This report is not available online.
SuDoc Number: I 53.49/2:
Item Number: 0629-E-17
Sub/Series Title: BLM-Alaska Open File Reports
URL: http://
Surrogate Information: No file was uploaded

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