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Reporting Lost Docs


According to GPO all Lost Docs/fugitive documents should be reported using their Lost Docs Reporting Form at  rather than through AskGPO.  See the response below.  

Reporting Lost Docs

Discussion Thread
Response (Diane Johnson) – 10/25/2011 12:46 PM
Good afternoon,

Fugitive documents should be reported through,

Thank you for using askGPO and for your continued support of the Federal Depository Library Program.  If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us again.

Customer (Meredith Johnston) – 10/25/2011 12:30 PM
Should all lost/fugitive documents be reported through “Ask GPO” or through the “Lost Docs Reporting Form” found at

Thanks for the clarification.

Meredith Johnston

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Preservation Needed Category Expanded

With the obvious importance of and growing concern over the permanent preservation of government publications, we have expanded the definition of the “preservation needed” category. The revised and expanded definition is provided here.  Look for reports concerning this issue, based on forwarded receipts,  in the coming months.

Preservation Needed – This category may be assigned to a title that has a Catalog of Government Publications entry, but permanent preservation measures have not been taken for the publication or  permanent preservation issues appear to exist.  Examples include: has an agency URL but no PURL; missing link; misdirected link; broken link; error in loading document occurs; site no longer exists message.

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Slight Name Change

Some of you may have noticed that this month we made a slight name change to the Lost Docs Blog. It is now the Lost Docs Project Blog. We felt that adding the word “project” helps convey more exactly what we do.  We not only collect and post receipts, but we also analyze and produce reports based on those receipts received; and this is an ongoing project.  Thanks to all those who assist with this endeavor.

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