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Geosynthetics for Trails in Wet Areas

Document Information
Publication Title: Geosynthetics for Trails in Wet Areas. 2008 edition
Issuing Agency/Bureau: USDA, Forest Service
SuDocs Number: A 13.137:0823-2813-MTDC
Item Number: 0084-A-03
Series Title:
Format: online paper
Other Information: 2008 ed originally submitted to LostDocs 5/9/12. Both 1995 (9523-2839-MTDC) and 2000 (0023-2838-MTDC) are available in CGP, but not 2008 ed.

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Pacific Northwest Region filming guidebook

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Name: Arlene Weible
Depository Library Number: 0500
Fugitive Document Information
Publication Title: Pacific Northwest Region filming guidebook
Format: online
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SuDoc Number: A 13.2:F 48/6x
Item Number: 0084
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