From: FDLP Webmaster [/src/compose.php?]
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 12:13 PM
To: Current Michael D
Subject: LostDocs Submission Form

Thank you for your submission. Here is a copy of your submission for reporting fugitive documents.
Contact Information
Name: Michael Current
Depository Library Number: 0666a
Fugitive Document Information
Publication Title: HeartMemo Winter 2002
Format: paper
Other (please describe):
SuDoc Number: HE 20.3225:2002/win.
Item Number: 0507-E-16
Sub/Series Title:
URL: http://
Surrogate Information:

Editor’s Note: This is our first posting with a surrogate. Michael uploaded a copy of the first two pages of this newsletter. That copy appears to be accessible from outside GPO.

If this is a problem/concern for GPO staff, please contact Daniel Cornwall from your work e-mail and I can start removing links to surrogates. But if it’s not a problem, then I think people can benefit from seeing the surrogates.