Editor’s Note: The item below was re-reported on April 16, 2010 by Vicki Tate.

Editor’s Note 6/12/2010: A record matching this item was created in the Catalog of Government Publications on April 19, 2010, three days after the April 2010 report was received by GPO. We are giving GPO the benefit of the doubt and counting the cataloging time as three days instead of two years in case the first report went astray.


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*Your Name:* Vicki Tate
*Depository Library #:* 0007B
*Your Library Name:* University of South Alabama Library
*Publication Title* A Guide to United States Air Force Lineage and Honors

*Online* Online
*Paper* N/A
*Other* N/A
*If other, please describe:* While this is not a “traditional”
publication, it could have easily been a pamphlet.
*SuDocs Classification Number:* D 301.2:
*Item Number:* 0424
*Sub/Series Title:*
*URL:* http://afhra.maxwell.af.mil/rso/guide_usaf_lineage_honors.html