From: FDLP Webmaster
Sent: Wed, March 31, 2010 12:05:32 PM
Subject: LostDocs Submission Form

Thank you for your submission. Here is a copy of your submission for reporting fugitive documents.

Contact Information
Name: Vicki Tate
Depository Library Number: 0007B

Fugitive Document Information
Publication Title: Space Thills [poster]. 2nd rev. 2008
Format: online, paper
Other (please describe): NASA. Available for sale from GPO (S/N 033-000-01327-2, $3.75), since 7/10/09
SuDoc Number: NAS 1.43:
Item Number: 0830-H-06
Sub/Series Title: EW-2008-09-018-JPL; JPL 400-1191 Rev. 2 09/08
Surrogate Information: No file was uploaded

Editor’s Note (11/13/11): A record for the electronic (online) version of this item was created in the Catalog of Government Publications on June 22, 2010, 83 days after this report was made to GPO. However, no record for the paper version could be located.