In the past year or so we have been tracking lost docs/document discovery reports, we’ve been made aware of 67 publications that appear to have been cataloged by the Government Printing Office in response to a lost docs report. We’ve created a spreadsheet of documents with the date reported and the date of the CGP catalog record. We have now made this spreadsheet public at and will keep it up to date.

A few cautions in using data from this spreadsheet:

1) This is probably not the full list of items cataloged in response to lost docs reports. We check the cataloging status of documents the month after they are posted. This catches some, but not all items eventually cataloged. Ideally we’d have someone run the entire list of fugitive and pending documents through the CGP once a aweek, but we don’t have staffing for that. If you’d like like to volunteer, send a note to dnlcornwall AT alaska DOT net.

2) We have no way of knowing for sure that a given item was cataloged in response to a specific report.

3) Although the spreadsheet offers an average and median number of days to catalog a document, those figures are only for the publications on the spreadsheet. Since we don’t get notified of all the documents reported as fugitive to GPO nor all of our reports that eventually get cataloged, we can’t come up with an actual solid figure for how long it takes GPO to acquire and catalog items. Our sample of 67 as of 12/4/2010 may or may not be representative.

But at least it’s a place to start until GPO starts publishing their own fugitive document/document discovery statistics.