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Summary: Will online version of title described in OCLC
record #227854593 be included in the FDLP?
Category Level 1: Federal Depository Libraries
Category Level 2: Fugitive publications/LostDocs
Date Created: 05/20/2011 10:03 AM
Last Updated: 05/20/2011 10:03 AM
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Discussion Thread
Customer (John Stevenson) – 05/20/2011 10:03 AM is a single PDF file. This title appears to be a fugitive and the record might be adapted for FDLP use:
Load Carriage in Military Operations: A Review of Historical, Physiological, Biomechanical, and Medical Aspects.
“Borden Institute Monograph Series”
SuDoc Number   D 104.35: 
Item Number    0352-F (online)
Other monographs in this series appear to have been issued under the following item, but the series name appears on the webpage and not the individual documents:
“D 104.35:”,”Textbook of Military Medicine (series) (P) (MF)”,”0352-F”
The PDF file appears complete and ends with a note “GPO: Insert barcode.”