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Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges, Sixth Edition – 2013

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Federal Judicial Center
Item Number: 0743-C-01!openform&url=/library/fjc_catalog.nsf/DPublication!openform&parentunid=DCB63CECD622A60D85257B4200788775
Format: online only

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Life, Death, & Rebirth of a Tree

Issuing Agency/Bureau: USDA, Forest Service (Available for sale from GPO, S/N 001-000-04737-0, $2.50)
SuDoc Number: A 13.104:
Item Number: 0080-H-01
Series Title: FS-356
Format: Paper. Poster Issued Dec. 1980, reprinted June 2008. No OCLC record.

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Guide to VA Mental Health Services for Veterans & Families. 2011

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Veterans Adm
SuDoc Number: VA 1.10:
Item Number: 0987
Format: online paper

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Catalog of Products

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Federal Aviation Administration
SuDoc Number: TD 4.81: ?
Item Number: 0982-L-29 (online) ?
Series Title:
Other (Describe): Online title appears to superseded the title described in OCLC record #51317152, Catalog of aeronautical charts and related products.

A 2003-2004 edition was distributed to FDLs on shipping list 2003-0283-P, item 0982-L-29, SuDocs class
TD 4.81:2003-2004.

It appears to have been replaced by this online title, which may also be called AeroNav Products : Aeronautical charts and related products as in the uploaded cover image.

Catalog of Aeronautical Charts and Related Products, 2003-2004