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Brazil: Competitive Factors in Brazil Affecting U.S. and Brazilian Agricultural Sales in Selected Third Country Markets

Issuing Agency/Bureau:  US International Trade Commission

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Sessions of Congress

Issuing Agency/Bureau: United States Senate.
SuDocs Number: Y 1.3:
Item Number: 0998-A-01

Other Information: More complete and current than this list is helpful to catalogers and others seeking information on the sessions of Congress.


The Coralline Genus Clathromorphum Foslie emend. Adey: Biological, Physiological, and Ecological Factors Controlling Carbonate Production in an Arctic-Subarctic Climate Archive

Issuing Agency/Bureau: Smithsonian Institution
SuDocs Number: SI 1.41:40
Item Number: 0910-M-01
Series Title: Smithsonian Contributions to the Marine Sciences

Other Information: Not found in CGP 1/23/14.

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