Document Information
Publication Title: German Military Abbreviations
Issuing Agency/Bureau: Military Intelligence Service
SuDocs Number: W 100.7:22 ?
Item Number: N/A
Series Title: Special Series no. 12

Archived at Stanford Digital Repository

Format: online
Other Information: map librarian and cataloger notes “I have been cataloging maps of Europe in our collection, some of which are German World War II maps. In many cases, the authorship was given in phrases full of abbreviations, or simple abbreviations (e.g. OKH). Not sure if anyone else has found this publication, but it is very useful for people who are cataloging these types of maps.”

The title is: German Military Abbreviations, Special Series no. 12, prepared by the Military Intelligence Service of the War Department, 1943. It has been scanned by the US Army and is available online.

This title should be useful for people translating military history primary sources.