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*Your Name:* Vicki Tate
*Depository Library #:* 0007B
*Your Library Name:* University of South Alabama Library
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*Publication Title* National Nanotechnology Initiative: research and
development leading to a revolution in science and technology :
supplement to the President’s FY 2007 budget / (possible OCLC rec. 70827202)
*Online* Online
*Paper* Paper
*Other* N/A
*If other, please describe:* NOTE: OCLC record has incorrect title
according to the PDF file on web. OCLC record says: “… revolution in
science and techology …” but the PDF file for FY 2007 Budget
supplement has “… revolution in Technology and Industry …” URL in
OCLC record matches the URL for FY 2007 [Same is true for FY 2006–I
just did not catch it in time]
*SuDocs Classification Number:* PREX 23.14:
*Item Number:* 0857-P-05
*Sub/Series Title:*
*URL:* http://www.nano.gov/NNI_07Budget.pdf

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